New Zealand Cafe, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

Jackie Chen, the owner of New Zealand Cafe, opened for business over a decade ago and his success in Charlotte continues today. Originally from Japan, the chef and owner of New Zealand Cafe spent time in New Zealand before moving to the United States in 2003. A master of his craft, Jackie has been making sushi since 1992. The restaurant specializes in Asian cuisine and sushi with an interesting twist of New Zealand style.The menu at New Zealand Cafe features an assortment of raw and cooked sushi while also featuring fantastic dishes from the kitchen. The local favorite sushi rolls at New Zealand Cafe include the ëIchiban Spicy Roll,í ëSweet Dragon Roll,í ëWasabi King Roll, and for those not looking for raw sushi, an impressive ëLobster Rollí is offered that features lobster salad, crispy crunch, and scallions. Along with an expansive selection of creative rolls, a fabulous deal on $1 sushi is offered as well.Not in the mood for sushi? New Zealand-Asian style steak, chicken, and pork are also available on the kitchen menu. Try the ëNew Zealand Style Pork Chop,í where the pork chop is marinated, dredged in potato starch, then fried to crispy perfection and topped with a house mayo sauce. Included with every entree are the house salad, fried shrimp, chicken skewers, and the guests choice of garlic noodles or brown rice and it is all offered at an incredibly reasonable price.Jackie thrives on enthusiastically interacting with his customers, regulars and travelers alike, and will often be asked to ësurprise themí with a special custom order. His customers certainly keep him on his toes! A fun, intimate, and warm environment and an outstanding meal await you at New Zealand Cafe.

1717 N. Sardis Road
Charlotte, NC 28270