Nico & Vali Italian Eatery, Plymouth MI | Merchant Profile

Since 2008, Nico and Vali Italian Eatery has been blessing Michigan with delicious traditional Southern Italian fare. Nico and Vali brings dishes to the table that are a new experience ñ classic old school cooking that not many restaurants offer. Siblings Joe and Nicole have been helping the DePalma family run Nico and Vali the last few years by bringing their roots to the restaurant. Being their grandma is from Calabria and their grandpa from Sicily, they know a thing or two about Southern Italian cuisine. Nico and Vali is a delicious full-service Italian restaurant where they make you feel like family.One of Nico and Vali Italian Eateryís top sellers is the homemade gnocchi. Many people have heard of or tried gnocchi before, but it is a different experience entirely at Nico and Vali. Nicole explains that her light and fluffy gnocchi is a mixture of potato, ricotta and special spices tossed with cinghiale, or wild boar. Exactly how it is served in Southern Italy, it is probably Nico and Valiís most traditional and best-loved item. Another favorite at Nico and Vali is the very Calabrese meat lasagna, made with hard-boiled eggs. Nico and Vali is also exceptionally accommodating to dietary restrictions, and most dishes can be made gluten-free when requested.Nico and Vali Italian Eatery takes reservations for parties of six or more to ensure the best experience in their intimate restaurant. Monday through Saturday from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm is their Happy Hour with great food and drink specials. If you want true, authentic Southern Italian food, Nico and Vali is the place to visit.

744 Wing St
Plymouth, MI 48170