Nisi, Fort Lauderdale FL | Merchant Profile

Taking a new concept and holding it to a higher standard, Nisi has shown a youthful exuberance in their endeavors to provide the best of the best to the Fort Lauderdale area. In doing so, they have tapped into a remarkable concept and have presented it in an elegant setting paired with a cuisine that elevates the Mediterranean style into new heights. Owners Joshua Wahler and Andreas Tsados take their skills and use it as a fuel to drive Nisi, and have crafted a culinary powerhouse in the process. The efforts they have used can attest to the sheer brilliance they have set forth and putting quality and consistency to the forefront has guests coming far and wide to experience what the buzz is about. Stopping in encapsulates more than a good meal but a full circle dining experience that can only be found at Nisi. Sourcing everything to the best of their abilities, the team at Nisi takes pride in going the extra step for their customers, ensuring a quality experience time after time. The dishes are presented in an elegant fashion and the ingredients take each dish to the next level. The team prides themselves on being able to provide something for everyone, and they do so flawlessly, their efforts to please are nothing short of impressive. The Daily Catch is a fresh option to indulge in, Nisi sourcing their fish from various places including the beautiful waters of Florida as well as having it flown in from the Mediterranean. The Nisi Grilled Octopus is a staple worth indulging in, sourced from the Mediterranean with a Gigante Bean Puree. The Fresh Australian Lamb Chops come widely favored as well, wood grilled, served with Lemon Roasted Potatoes.The Raw Bar provides great options to enjoy implementing their locally sourced fish to display to all guests. The Nisi Ceviche is a signature item worth trying, a Mediterranean Sea bass and Octopus, Edamame, Fresh Herbs, Serrano Pepper, and a Citrus-Tomato Dressing. The team at the restaurant take great pride in sourcing as much as they can antibiotic and preservative free, rightfully so, the care they take for their customers comes from a genuine and trustworthy standpoint. Nisi promises a memorable and quality experience and the future for the team certainly looks bright with their breathtaking concept.

3330 E Oakland Park Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308