Nobo Restaurant, Chelmsford MA | Merchant Profile

Taking a popular concept and infusing a signature twist to it, Nobo Restaurant has put a unique, yet elevated stance to the forefront, and the idea has gained widespread notoriety at a rapid pace. Owners John, Theresa, and Julien have been in the industry their entire lives, learning the craft from top to bottom. Implementing this into Nobo, they have combined their expertise to provide a modern twist on the popular Japanese cuisine, and their ideas do not lack in any area. Nobo stands for ìno boundaries,î and that is exactly what the restaurant encompasses, taking a step away from what normally be expected and offering the area something they haven’t had before, at a heightened level. The team at the restaurant have something to adhere to all tastes and in doing so, provide for a perfect outing time after time.The combination of distinct flavors elevates the palate and by no mean overpowers one another. The team at the restaurant simply hit the nail on the head when crafting dishes that compliment each other to the highest degree, and that is prevalent from start to finish. The Crispy Chilean Sea Bass is an option worth indulging in, lightly battered, marinated in a tangy spice glaze, served with steamed white rice and asparagus. The restaurant also offers Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and Scallops, as well as Bacon Fried Rice, Kimchi Fried Rice, and Pineapple Fried Rice. The concepts pair well, and they simply achieve something that everyone has always wanted, but never had the creativity to craft, and that’s where Nobo really shines. The decor brings everything full circle, allowing guests to settle into an elegant setting that rivals the quality of the food. The Saki menu is nothing short of remarkable, and the idea is to get people to venture away from the typical hot options, and try the premium cold selections that Nobo has to offer. They also create Mai Thais from scratch as well as a delicious Raspberry Margarita that always hits the spot no matter the instance. With the option to enjoy dishes made to order and a fantastic environment, Nobo Restaurant not only provides a satisfying experience, but a quality one as well, making it a must while visiting.

18 Boston Rd.
Chelmsford, MA 01824