Nook Bakery & Coffee Shop, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Nook Bakery & Coffee Bar is a quaint eatery that was derived from the idea of providing high quality baked goods and pairing them with delicious coffee beverages. What makes this coffee shop unique is the fact that they create everything from their drinks and foods in small batches. This ensures that everything is extremely fresh and has great flavors and taste. Owned by Michael and Edna, the two are extremely passionate about their endeavors with Nook.  All of the coffee used is freshly roasted locally or regionally and of course, is brewed in small batches. They even offer hand-poured coffee and espresso beverages. All the baked goods are made from scratch on-site in Nookís kitchen. They use fresh and seasonal ingredients so the baked goods always vary in flavor and taste. The bakery has even started to bake their own bread and chocolates, something that requires a lot of skill and attention to detail.  Nook sells tons of great breakfast and lunch baked goods like muffins, bread, pastries, cookies, bars, and a variety of other snacks. The truffles are very popular and are all handmade. They come in a variety of different flavors that change often, but the salted caramel and roasted white chocolate have become standout staples. They also serve dishes like sandwiches, quiches, and mac n cheese that provide a hearty plate for a bigger appetite. Edna is the mastermind behind all of Nookís recipes and she has always strived to create innovative flavors and creative combinations. Nook Bakery & Coffee Shop has a very relaxed atmosphere where people can come in, take their time, and enjoy their surroundings. The bakery has a very comfy yet industrial feel with unique furniture, eclectic artwork on the walls, and a distressed yet chic floor. Nook is the perfect place to enjoy your morning cup of coffee or to meet up with friends for a good drink and snack. The next time youíre in the area make sure to give Nook Bakery & Coffee Shop a try for an experience you wonít forget!

15 S 20th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103