O’ Sushi, Newark CA | Merchant Profile

AJ Kim is the owner of Oí Sushi that opened about a year and a half ago. He has worked in the food industry since he was fifteen years old and always dreamed of owning his own restaurant. When the restaurant went on the market, the price was just right and it became an opportunity AJ couldnít pass up. The concept AJ came up with was a neighborhood sushi restaurant where people could come in for delicious food served at a great price. Oí Sushi offers amazing appetizers, sushi rolls, sashimi platters, and other Japanese inspired entrees and dishes. One of the customers favorite item of the menu is Oí Sushiís sashimi. Many people opt to get the sashimi boat that holds between fifteen and thirty pieces of the chefís choice sashimi. All the fish at Oí Sushi is extremely fresh and doesnít spend more than thirty-six hours in the refrigerators before itís gone. Another top pick at Oí Sushi is their Oí Bento Box. It gives customers the chance to pick three items of their choice and is served with miso soup, salad, and rice. Everything at Oí Sushi gives the customers great value for the price they pay.  The most popular sushi roll at Oí Sushi is the Super Lion King Roll. The roll features unagi and salmon over a California Deluxe Roll, and is baked with house sauce. Customers canít seem to get enough of this delicious roll!  Oí Sushi also serves beer, wine, and sake in addition to their tasty cuisine. The restaurant can seat about forty-five to fifty people and is very well kept. The employees are very energetic and friendly and do their best to make sure every customer leaves completely satisfied. AJ believes that, ìWhatever goes around comes around,î so he strives to make every customerís experience perfect. The next time youíre in the area, make sure to give Oí Sushi a try for amazing Japanese cuisine at an even more amazing price!

34940 Newark Blvd
Newark, CA 94560