Ocean City Buffet, Santa Cruz CA | Merchant Profile

Ocean City Buffet is located at 431 Front Street in Santa Cruz. The restaurant, which opened in 2007, is owned by husband and wife Mong and Lilly Liang. Lilly tells us she owns the restaurant because she love to cook. They also owned a restaurant in their native China. The eatery, which can seat up to 100 people, features a buffet at lunch and dinner. One can also order selections from the menu. Everything served at Ocean City Buffet is made fresh daily and is crafted from only the finest and freshest ingredients. Popular choices include selections from the Sushi Chef like fresh tuna, hamachi, salmon, California rolls, and vegetarian sushi choices. There is a salad bar and also fresh fruit. Main course choices include prawns, mussels, eggplant, chow mein, and fried rice.  Additional choices are spring rolls, crab legs, honey walnut shrimp, and coconut shrimp. The restaurant does carryout, and serves beer, wine, and saki. If you are looking for a delicious and filling buffet while in Santa Cruz, stop in and see Lilly and Mong at Ocean City Buffet. They will welcome you and ensure you have a great dining experience!

431 Front St
Santa Cruz, CA 95067