O’Connor’s Public House, Rochester MI | Merchant Profile

O’Connor’s Public House was established in March of 2005. Dimitry has been working at OíConnorís for eight years. He was originally hired to run the bar and invent new drinks, and eventually took over as general manager. Dimitry enjoys the challenge of the restaurant business, being creative behind the bar, and meeting new people. OíConnorís Public House serves authentic Irish fare. They specialize in ëBoxtiesí, a traditional Irish potato pancake enhanced with great ingredients like salmon or steak. OíConnorís ëBoxtiesí are unique – you wonít find others like them in the area. Being an authentic Irish pub, OíConnorís Public House has regular live entertainment. On Wednesday, Thursday, and either Friday or Saturday nights (depending on the season), local bands will come in and play modern or classic rock. Every other Sunday, OíConnorís hosts ìIrish sessionsî, a few folks that play music you would find at a pub in Ireland. Reservations are recommended, especially Wednesday through Saturday nights. You can easily book a table right on OíConnorís website. OíConnorís Public House tries to be as authentic as they can be. Dimitry has even visited Ireland to fully understand what it means to be an Irish pub. OíConnors is a place where everyone can come as they are, feel comfortable and enjoy a piece of Ireland.

324 S Main St
Rochester, MI 48307