Ohana Cafe, Dunedin FL | Merchant Profile

Taking quality and consistency and putting it to the forefront, Ohana Cafe has secured its niche in the heart of Dunedin flawlessly. The family owned and operated business holds its items to a higher standard, and in doing so, has garnered widespread notoriety from locals and visitors alike. The all natural menu is top notch, and the owner Teresa uses her genuine nature as a means to fuel the highly regarded menu options. The willingness to deliver real food is prevalent in the restaurant from top to bottom, and paired in a comfortable and elegant atmosphere puts raises Ohana Cafe to greater heights, making it a must while in the area. The healthy cafe does not sacrifice in flavor by any means, serving delicious comfort food as well as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. In doing so, they have successfully created something for everyone. The burger options come highly recommended, crafted with buffalo, and served with the freshest and finest ingredients. The Garden Veggie Delight is a popular vegetarian choice, comprised of Zucchini, Bell Peppers, Mushrooms, Artichokes, Sweet Onion, Provolone Cheese, Vegenaise And Stone Ground Mustard, put on the guestís choice of Organic Sprouted Wheat Bread Or Multi_Grain Ciabatta. Teresa derives her concept by paying homage to her home of Hawaii, implementing the beauty and naturalness into Ohana Cafe. The breakfast is something to behold as well, the Ohana Pancake Breakfast is reason enough to stop in and give the location a try. Consisting of three homemade pancakes, it is topped off with Macadamia Nut Sauce, and served with Turkey Bacon, and served with the choice of Organic Red Potatoes, Brown Basmati Or White Jasmine Rice. No matter the instance, Teresa and her team simply have something to adhere to all palates, and the impressive menu options hit the nail on the head time after time. Stopping in not only lends a memorable experience, but a quality one as well, and is perfect for any outing.

1452 Main St.
Dunedin, FL 34698