Osteria Langhe, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Have you ever been to the Piedmont region of Italy? No? Well Osteria Langhe is a restaurant in Chicago that transports its customers to this region with their authentic food, drinks, and atmosphere. Osteria is actually a term in Italian that describes a local hangout where you go to meet friends, enjoy a laugh, and indulge in good food and drinks. Osteria Langheís goal is to showcase this regionís culture and cuisine. The restaurant is casual and comfortable with a very friendly and attentive staff. They offer more than a great meal, but an entire experience as well. This isnít your typical Americanized Italian restaurant, they stay true to Piedmontís traditions and values. In Piedmont they are very resourceful of what ingredients and foods are available with the seasons, so Osteria Langhe does the same. Their menu changes seasonally featuring ingredients that are in abundance at the time. The dishes are not complicated, but instead are simple and focused on taste and flavor. The beauty of the cuisine from Piedmont is that it has not changed, it has remained the same since the beginning so when people who grew up in Piedmont visit Osteria Langhe, they are instantly reminded of home.  Osteria Langhe also offers an impressive selection of wines and cocktails. The wines are all imported from the Piedmont region and give a great representation of authentic tastes from Italy. The bar at Osteria Langhe has a strong focus on vermouth as well because it originated in the Piedmont region of Italy. Customers can order vermouth flights so they can experience multiple different flavor profiles in one sitting. Negroni is another authentic Italian drink that Osteria Langhe likes to promote too.  All in all, Osteria Langhe is more than a restaurant, but an entire Italian experience. They have really mastered Piedmontís philosophy, food, and rich beverage program. For anyone in Chicago who wants to be transported to an entirely different place and culture, Osteria Langhe is for you! With amazing cuisine, service, and drinks itís truly an experience you wonít forget!

2824 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60647