Oudom Thai and Sushi, Orlando FL | Merchant Profile

Oudom Thai & Sushi has two locations: the first opened in 2005 in Deland, and the second opened in September of 2015 in Orlando. The owner, Oudom Ketsatha, moved to the United States from Thailand about 26 years ago. His mother is the backbone of all the recipes. In order to keep Oudom Thai & Sushi authentic, Oudomís mother cooks in the kitchen. She doesnít want anyone to change her recipes in any way. Oudom was always a big sushi eater; he really enjoys fresh fish. Oudom constantly tries to find the best quality fish out there for Oudom Thai & Sushi. He explains that sushi is so popular right now, you can find it anywhere, but how you incorporate your flavors is what makes it unique. Thai food is very flavorful, and Oudom Thai & Sushi brings their Thai influences to the sushi. Oudom Thai & Sushi is family owned and operated. Everyone takes pride in what they do, which shows through their service and quality.

100 S Eola Dr
Orlando, FL 32801