Our House Cafe, Lancaster PA | Merchant Profile

Sarah and Harvey Weinstein are the owners of Our House Cafe in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The name Our House holds a lot of meaning to them. First and foremost their attitude towards customer service is they treat their customers ìhow we would treat you if you came to our house.î Sarah and Harvey also lost their house in hurricane Sandy, so they consider this restaurant a new home. The concept of this cafe is to create a place for the community to call their own. Sarah and Harvey work with local businesses and use all local ingredients. They truly care about the quality and source of their ingredients and they make sure that their food is made right and tastes great. At Our House Cafe they donít cut corners. Everything is made fresh and from scratch. They pride themselves on offering amazing gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options that donít compromise taste. Their menu has fresh and healthy options that everyone can enjoy. They serve salads, sandwiches, bagels, and pastries. The only items that are not locally sourced are the bagels. They get the dough sent from New York and cook the bagels in their special oven, which makes them just right. They are a customer favorite, especially their bagel sandwiches, like their Bagel Deluxe, with bacon, eggs, and cheese. Harvey recommends the French Toast, which they soak in batter overnight to let the flavor sink in. The soups are also very popular. They serve Chicken Vegetable, Tomato Soup, and African Peanut Stew daily. All of the soups are gluten free and the African Peanut Stew is a hearty and filling vegan option. Our House Cafe offers catering. If you want to stop in on your lunch break, check out their online ordering option. Stop by Our House Cafe and enjoy a fresh and tasty meal and friendly service!

608 Richmond Dr
Lancaster, PA 17601