Our House, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Within four months of being in business, Our House has taken off as one of the premier dining locations in the San Jose area. Originally from Chicago, the owner John Ladas has been in the industry since he was 16 and sought to open a brand new restaurant with a firm belief system. He wants to provide customers with elevated food in a non-pretentious, casual fashion. Being in the fine dining industry his whole life, he has taken all of the techniques he has learned, simplified them, and turned it into a major success. Setting themselves apart from restaurants in the area, Our House serves all organic, hormone, antibiotic and GMO free foods. Also, 95% of the product in house comes a 500 mile radius of San Jose. Keeping it local and healthy is a top priority of Our house and they have executed in doing so successfully. In fact, John has made it a point to put a board at the front of the restaurant to show customers where all of their fresh ingredients are coming from. An interesting aspect of Our House is that the menu is seasonal, providing customers with a new experience every month. The food is rapidly gaining popularity, one of their biggest sellers being the House Burger, made in house with organic chuck, sirloin, and brisket. The burger is topped off with freshly sliced white cheddar, homemade pickles, hickory bacon, and homemade tomato jam. Another fan favorite is the We Got the Beets Salad made with goat cheese mousse, ciabatta croutons, micro greens, and a truffle vinaigrette. If that isn’t your speed, the restaurant also offers salads, salmon, and their delicious Greek Fries.Customer service and transparency are very important to John and he achieves this all the way up to his disposable products being made from plant materials, not petroleum. Johnís reputation of the restaurant means the most to him and that is why he practices what he preaches being as honest and as straightforward as possible. The farmers that sell their product to Our House often come down to grab a bite on a regular basis. Located at 185 Park Avenue near the Tech Museum of Innovation, Our House has set itself apart from other restaurants in a positive way offering high-quality affordable food that most importantly promotes healthy living. While in the San Jose area, it is a must visit.

185 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95113