Ovelia, Astoria NY | Merchant Profile

Peter Giannakas co-owns Ovelia, a Hellenic restaurant in Astoria, New York, with his brother Chris. Peter has a science related background, but he worked in restaurants all through college – all the way up to his PhD. Chris previously worked at a law firm as a project manager. They always had a desire to open a restaurant because their father has been in the restaurant industry for over 40 years. Peter explained that originally their parents were on board running the kitchen, as their dad is a great chef and their mother is an amazing cook as well.The recipes used at Ovelia have been passed down through generations. There is lots of deep, rich history in their cuisine. Ovelia is different from other Greek restaurants most notably in their decor and approach to food. Peter explained that they try to provide a dining experience – not a tacky, copy-cat ambiance. ìIts a matter of coming in and experiencing something a little more realistic,î explained Peter.  One of Oveliaís signature dishes is the ëMonastiraki Biftekií, named after a region in Athens where Peter and Chrisís parents used to go on dates. The dish consists of mixed ground lamb, pork, and beef kebabs served with grilled tomato and hot peppers. The ëGreek Coffee Steakí has a contemporary twist; Greek coffee rubbed skirt steak paired with mushroom-halloumi poutine. It makes a great steak and potatoes comfort dish. Customers are constantly complimenting the Giannakas on Oveliaís delicious sangria. Their ëSagatinií, a fig martini created by Mr. & Mrs. Giannakas, is also highly popular. Ovelia also crafts delicious non-alcoholic drinks, including a refreshing lemonade infused with mint  and served with different Grecian garnishes. Grab some friends and enjoy yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of Ovelia while enjoying delicious Greek fare.

34-01 30th Ave
Astoria, NY 11103