Ox & Fields Restaurant & Bar, Tampa FL | Merchant Profile

The Ox and Fields Restaurant and Bar is located at 7701 North Nebraska Avenue in Tampa. Executive Chef and Managing partner Viet Vo tells us the restaurant’s motto is,  ìLocal ingredients, local skills and passion for perfection.î Their goal is to make it right every single time, and almost all the ingredients used in the restaurant are locally sourced. In an ode to his heritage, Chef Vo tells us his cuisine can be classified as Flor-Asian, he cooks fun food for fun people.  The namesake dish at Ox and Field is the Oxtail Poutine, comprised of house braised oxtail, tater tots, oxtail jus, truffle pecorino and a fried egg. All most all items served in the restaurant are made in house from scratch. If they canít make it, they donít serve it. The Beef and Broccoli takes a  three days to make, not taking any shortcuts in their efforts for quality and consistency. It features braised short-rib, grilled rapini, chow-fun noodles and a shoyu demi. Chef Viet wants to make it clear not to get the general mixed up with his Captain ìTsoî Fried Chicken, featuring a whole tempura battered chicken breast, not some tiny cut up chunks masquerading as chicken. The breast is served with yangzhou fried rice and Szechuan crema reduction.  Be sure to save room for a dessert made by the in house pastry chef. Options include a Green Tea Creme Brulee and a ìCafÈ Sua Daî Tiramisu with sweetened condensed mascarpone, vanilla sponge cake, ganache and CafÈ Du Monde Syrup. The restaurant has a full bar featuring locally sourced spirits and many specialty drinks. The bar also has many local beers.  Stop in and check out Ox and Fields, the warm and attentive staff is happy to help you have a great dining experience.  

7701 N Nebraska Ave.
Tampa, FL 33604