P.S. Bangkok, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Since 1983, P.S. Bangkok has been introducing Chicagoans to delicious Thai food. The owner, Sue Buraketrachakul, created an extensive menu using family recipes and homestyle cooking. Sue explained that a lot of Americans find one ìgo-toî dish, and never stray from it. ìI donít want them to get bored and eat the same thing all the time,î Sue said. P.S. Bangkok has so many delicious dishes that Sue urges you to try because you just might find your new favorite. Sue loves to educate people not only on food but also Thailandish culture. ìWhen customers come in and order their food, many times they try to ask for chopsticks. I tell them that is not our culture, we eat our food with a spoon,î explained Sue. Many people are shocked (but relieved) to learn they do not have to eat with chopsticks, but Sue still buys chopsticks because some customers want to use them anyway.  P.S. Bangkok is a full-service Thai restaurant that offers takeout, delivery and catering. They also have a full bar. Sue loves to engage with her customers, offering suggestions, stories, and information. If you are in the mood for delicious authentic Thai food and a great night out, head to P.S. Bangkok!

3345 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657