P.S. & CO, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Putting an immense amount of focus on quality, Pure Sweets & Company, otherwise known as PS & CO., has turned humble beginnings into a new found success story that has people incorporating the delicious menu into a lifestyle. Owner Andrea Kyan has sought to deliver a menu to Philadelphia that hasn’t been attempted before, and she has done so seamlessly. The items are all health conscious, prioritizing bringing options that do not sacrifice flavor, but also raise the bar on more traditional dishes. Previously in the medical field, Andrea has always wanted to impact others, and saw the great responsibility in the food industry. She went that route and hasn’t looked back since, wanting to show people eating in a healthier fashion isn’t deprivation, but can be viewed as an indulgence. Andrea has prided herself on being able to deliver options that can improve peopleís health as well as satisfy them consistently. Her restaurant is a celebration of food, and it shows with each dish that comes out of the kitchen. She is always improving her menu, and sources one hundred percent of her items from local, organic, and pesticide free farmers. Opening just a little over two years ago, she has changed the food scene in Philadelphia for the better, striving to appeal to everyone, while elevating the cuisine to a higher level. The Stir-frys come highly recommended as well as their sushi items, all of course made with the utmost care and quality. The Nori Roll is delicious, made with Avocado, Forbidden Rice, Hemp and Sesame with Watermelon Radishes, as well as Wasabi Thyme Sunflower Cream. Their Burgers are filling, decadent, and bring more flavor to the table than your average burger. They are made meatless with eggplant and black bean patties, and the layered flavors that Andrea and her team incorporate make them come full circle. Their condiments are all made in house as well as their sweet potato buns, creating a fresh experience for burger lovers. The whole concept started from Andrea not being able to shake her sweet tooth after becoming vegan in 2007. Rightfully so, sweets are essential, and Andrea has been able to take a once unhealthy experience and turn it into something she can once again enjoy. She is sharing that talent with the world, and her delicious desserts are where the restaurant really shines. Their Cold Pressed Juices are also very popular, the Bangkok, is made with Pineapple, Lime, and Mint or Lemongrass, all organic. Perfect for the summer, the Garden Herb Lemonade is comprised of Organic Lemon Juice, Fresh Herbs, Coconut Juice, and Vero Water.With an ever changing menu, Andrea and her team are always sharing new and improved items for their customers to indulge in on their Instagram.  They thrive on going the extra mile for the patrons, and want to create a great product that people believe in. Doing so successfully, stopping in is certainly worth the visit and the welcoming atmosphere encompasses the vibe that Andrea has worked hard to create. Located 1706 Locust Street, each dish is sure to impress and leave the customer satisfied.

1706 Locust St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103