Paik’s Noodle, New York City AL | Merchant Profile

Paikís Noodle of Korean Town in NYC opened in June 2016. Paikís is a franchise in Korea, and this location is the first in NYC. Paik is the name of a famous Korean chef who founded the franchise. The owners of Paikís in NYC own 5 restaurants, including a karaoke bar.The dishes are a blend of Korean and Chinese food. This fusion comes from Chinese immigration in Korea. Jajang myeon (black bean sauce over noodles) and jajang bab (black bean sauce over rice) are extremely popular. Sweet and sour pork is another best selling item. Paikís is affordably priced and is open everyday from 11-11. They have takeout and delivery available within the neighborhood. Come enjoy Chinese and Koren fusion at Paikís noodle!

2 W 32nd Street
New York City, AL 10001