Palmers Inn Restaurant, St Clair Shores MI | Merchant Profile

Palmers Inn has been an icon in St. Clair Shores for over 65 years. The new owner, George, acquired the restaurant in September of 2015 and is already winning over the locals. George came across Palmers Inn in 2013 when he took his wife shopping across the street. The little mom-and-pop restaurant caught his eye, so he went to check it out. George was told that it wasnít for sale, yet he kept returning every few months to see if the owner changed his mind. Eventually, Georgeís persistence paid off, and the restaurant was offered to him. George began his career in the restaurant industry when he was just seven years old at his fatherís Coney Island. He would stand on a milk crate all night, taking and bagging orders. Palmers Inn is his sixteenth family owned and operated business. With over 33 years of experience in the industry, George offered some words of wisdom; ìYou canít let anything marinate in your mind, you have to let the little things go or they will drive you nuts.î George believes that it does you no good to worry all the time. ìYou have to have a big stomach and keep swallowing.îAt Palmers Inn, the ëChicken Stir Fryí is a must-try item. Made from scratch, the chicken is cooked fresh and the veggies are sauteed separately, then combined, unlike many other restaurants. ìWe make sure to do everything in order, there is a step to everything. We take a lot of pride in our food. If we donít eat it, we donít serve it,î George explained.

28660 Harper Ave
St Clair Shores, MI 48081