Papa Joe’s Wrap Shack, Bristol RI | Merchant Profile

Papa Joeís Wrap Shack is a family owned restaurant in Bristol. Lisa, her father, and brother opened it 14 years ago. The restaurant was created in honor of their grandfather; it is named after him. He served in the Navy for 20 years and spread his passion for cooking to the rest of his family, teaching them everything he knows. Lisa loves being in the restaurant business because it is a family legacy. She also loves getting to be her own boss and all the people she gets to meet. Wraps and pizza are the signature items at Papa Joeís. Lisaís father spent days in the kitchen crafting the perfect homemade pizza dough recipe for their menu. Every dish is carefully crafted using fresh ingredients. They have unique, locally inspired dishes like their Bristolian Pizza, which is topped with fried calamari, pomodoro sauce, and hot pepper rings. They have great vegetarian options available. Their Garden of Eden wrap is made with a sliced veggie burger, a fresh vegetable mix, and their homemade roasted garlic mayo. For a healthier option, all of the wraps can be turned into a salad.Papa Joeís offers delivery and catering. Their ìRock Ní Roll Party Plattersî are very popular for catering events. They are open seven days a week. When you to Papa Joeís you can always expect fresh and delicious food!

567 Hope St
Bristol, RI 02809