Papacino’s Bagels Deli & Catering, Deer Park NY | Merchant Profile

Enveloping the best of the best when it comes to a culinary experience, Papacinoís Bagels, Deli, and Catering has inherently become one of the top dining choices in the Deer Park area for the qualitative and consistent service provided. The owner Chuck pays homage to his family in Sicily with this current endeavor , and his passion is prevalent from top to bottom. In doing so, everything from the Philly Cheese Steaks to the homemade salads are impressive. The sheer concept has taken on a life on its own, rightfully so, it is remarkable in every way. The willingness to push the boundaries is certainly what makes the location so special, making it a top choice while visiting the area. Always adhering to the customerís needs, the team at the restaurant still provide all of the classics, as well as crafting the best of the best when it comes to sandwiches. Where they really shine is how they have evolved the Philly Cheese Steak, crafting it with Ribeye in the most authentic way possible. A top choice that has guests returning time after time is their Papacinoís signature Philly , crafted with cheese wiz, caramelized onions, on New York style bread. With ten different variations, and the ability to build your own, the quality and consistency are top notch and are sure to provide something to adhere to all palates. The bagels also come widely favored as well as the freshly made salads, always keeping quality and made to order a top priority. To bring it all full circle the customer service is impeccable, the team at the deli are always striving to make the experience better time after time. The staff promises a top notch experience with each visit, and above all else, treat their guests as family. The location really shines when it comes to catering, and no matter the size of the event, always take care of the job seamlessly. The entire ambiance creates a perfect balance, from the food to the warm and welcoming environment, encapsulating a prime choice for any outing while in Deer Park.

297 Bay Shore Rd.
Deer Park, NY 11729