Papasan Rolls And Bowls, Fremont CA | Merchant Profile

Papasan Rolls and Bowls is a brand new restaurant that opened in April of 2016 that is located in Fremont, California. Jesse Moores is the owner who has grown up working in the food industry since he was fourteen years old. His mother is Japanese and taught him about Japanese culture and cooking when he was a young boy. Throughout the years Jesse has worked in many different eateries and even went to Japan and worked in a restaurant there as well.Finally, Jesse decided that he had enough experience and expertise to become his own boss and open his own restaurant; Thatís where Papasan Rolls and Bowls comes in. With the help of Jesse’s wife Peggie, they were successful in opening their very first restaurant.Jesse got the name of his restaurant from the movie Cloud Atlas so the restaurant follows that theme. Papasan Rolls and Bowls has clouds, lots of sunlight, and bamboo incorporated into their dÈcor that contributes to a very relaxing and delightful environment. In Japanese culture they view customers as gods, so at Papasan Rolls and Bowls the seats in the restaurant are all adorned in gold colors to show the importance and respect the staff has for the customers.The Papasan Sashimi is the most popular item off the menu. Itís the chefís choice of different, delicious selections. The Lion King sushi roll is also very popular and Papasan Rolls and Bowls prepares their version to be crispier than the original recipe.Papasan Rolls and Bowls also serves beer, wine, and sake in addition to their tasty cuisine. In the future Jessie hopes to reach out to local breweries in order to customers a local beer selection. Jesse even has a special robot that he plans on using to help deliver food to tables in the near future.Because Jesse grew up in Japanese culture as well as working and training in Japan itself, it gives Papasan Rolls and Bowls a very authentic atmosphere. All the food is prepared in a traditional Japanese style, which gives Papasan Rolls and Bowls a step above other restaurants that serve sushi in an alternative style. Make sure to stop by Papasan Rolls and Bowls today to experience a great meal and exceptional service!

3353 Walnut Ave
Fremont, CA 94538