Papaya Thai, Rochester NH | Merchant Profile

Introducing authentic Thai dishes to the Rochester area, Papaya Thai has taken on a widely notorious name, gaining rapid popularity over the past three years. Having only been around for such a short period of time can attest to the high regard that the restaurant holds, making it a must while visiting the area. Owner Pinkham Bouasri derives her concept from an authentic standpoint and she hits the nail on the head to the highest degree. The team at the restaurant pride themselves on having something for everyone and they do so flawlessly with their extensive list of options. Stopping in not only ensures a quality experience but a memorable one as well, making it the best of the best while visiting the Rochester area. Each dish is as good as it gets, and Papaya Thai provides a quality and consistency that can only be found at their location. They source the freshest and finest ingredients to promise a genuine and trustworthy experience time after time, and do so seamlessly. The Drunken Noodle is an option worth indulging in, crafted with a Spicy Thai stir fried noodle dish with egg, assorted veggies, fresh bean sprouts, basil leaves and sprinkled with ground roasted peanuts. Another classic option worth trying is the Pad Thai, a famous Thai stir fried noodle dish with egg, bean sprouts, scallions and sprinkled with ground roasted peanuts. Vegetables, Tofu, with the options of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, calamari, roasted duck, seafood, or scallops. No matter the instance, the restaurant has something to adhere to everyoneís palate, and that is what really separates themselves from the competition. Pinkham and her team have a genuine passion for providing a welcoming atmosphere and making their guests happy which is what makes them a fantastic choice for any outing. The location also offers beer and wine if that is preferred, as well as offering takeout for any size orders. Located at 101 North Main Street, stopping in ensures a quality experience on a consistent level.

101 N Main St,
Rochester, NH 03867