Pap’s Ultimate Bar & Grill, Mt. Prospect IL | Merchant Profile

Papís Ultimate Bar & Grill is a popular and well-known sports bar in Mount Prospect, Illinois. It family-owned and operated by George Pappas and his brothers. When they were children their father owned a restaurant where they all helped out and learned the ins and outs of the business while also slowly learning how to cook. From the restaurant their father then owned a liquor store, so the brothers all gained knowledge on the liquor side of business as well. Between the 1970s and 80s their father owned several different restaurants, but in 1995 finally settled on Papís Ultimate Bar & Grill. The restaurant garnered a big following during the Michael Jordan era of the Bulls where customers would form a line outside just waiting to get in. Today, the barís walls are lined with Chicago sports memorabilia and filled with TVs so guests can always catch the games. One of the customerís favorites off the menu is Papís chicken wings. The wings are fresh, never frozen and are not breaded. Instead, they are thrown directly into the fryer until the chicken skin is crispy and then they are tossed in sauce. The restaurantís burgers are also fresh and never frozen and are delivered three times a week. They use a Ω pound of Black Angus beef for their patties and the customers canít get enough. Papís Bar & Grillís pizza is also award-winning. They won best specialty thin crust pizza with their BBQ Chicken Pizza. The BLT is also a fan favorite specialty choice as well. Overall, Papís Bar & Grillís menu is very large and consists of a wide variety of choices. Their appetizers, gyros, ribs, salads, and steaks are just a few of the other delicious options.  In addition to their great menu, Papís also features a full bar. They have a variety of different craft beers and IPAs to choose from. Papís can also accommodate private parties and events with their private party room that holds up to fifty people. You may also reserve the entire restaurant area for events with parties up to 100 people. Papís also has an outdoor patio area for guests to enjoy that can hold up to about forty people. The atmosphere is very welcoming and kid friendly for families to enjoy and also has free Wi-Fi and TVs for entertainment. Every Saturday Papís holds karaoke night and occasionally they will have live bands perform on Fridays. Customers may also get Papís Bar & Grill delivered to their front door if they donít have the time to dine in. Papís Ultimate Bar & Grill is located right off of I-90 on Elmhurst Road. For a delicious meal served in an energetic and entertaining atmosphere, make sure to try Papís Ultimate Bar & Grill today!

1904 S Elmhurst Rd.
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056