Pars Restaurant, Farmington Hills MI | Merchant Profile

Pars Restaurant, located in Farmington Hills, Michigan opened in 2014. Reza owns Pars and is proud to serve only authentic Persian cuisine. Reza, originally from Iran immigrated to the United States decades ago. He loves his work and is at the restaurant everyday, ensuring quality customer service and great food. This is a truly unique spot, as it is the only true Persian restaurant in the metro Detroit area. The menu is divided into two types of the most popular Persian dishes – stews and kebabs. Reza will always offer a sample of stew to his customers before they place an order. If you are not sure what you like or are new to Persian cuisine, be sure to ask to try a sample. Reza jokes the stews are by no means appealing to look at, but the taste is sure to have you asking for more.There are hundreds of Persian stews, but Reza has selected five of the most popular and well-known. Not in the mood for stew? You canít go wrong with any of the grilled kababs, featuring either beef, chicken, or seafood. The kababs are marinated in sauces and spices then grilled to tender and juicy perfection. All of the kababs are served with rice and tomato. The most popular Iranian/Persian dish is the ëKoubideh Kabab.í If there is a holiday coming up, you can be sure Reza will be planning a party at the restaurant. For dinner and entertainment, Pars Restaurant is a great option. There is a full bar that serves beer, wine, and liquor. This past New Years Eve, Reza hosted a party that accommodated 210 guests!  It is recommended to call Pars Restaurant ahead of time to reserve a table for you and your party on either a Friday or Saturday.

30005 Orchard Lake Rd
Farmington Hills, MI 48224