Pazzo Ristorante, Miami FL | Merchant Profile

The first Pazzo Ristorante was established in Venezuela in 2001. The Veloso family wanted to expand their business outside of Venezuela and decided to make their mark in the United States. Brian Veloso and his partners opened Pazzo Ristorante in Miami on November 5th, 2014. Brian is the manager at Pazzo Ristorante. He explained that pazzo means crazy in Italian – Pazzo Ristorante has many interesting and out of the ordinary Italian inspired dishes. Chef Fabrizio Romani used to work at the Venezuela Pazzo Ristorante and created the menu. Fabrizio went back to Italy for a while, but came to America when the they decided to open a new location. One customer favorite that perfectly sums up the unusual but delicious dishes is the ëCarpaccio Poker di Mare; thin slices of salmon, octopus, grouper, and prawns each served with a special vinaigrette dressing. Pazzo Ristorante is a beautiful restaurant with a really nice ambiance. Brian explained that their three different color chairs give a pop of color and excitement to go with the pazzo theme. Try their ëItalian Mojitoí, a mojito with amaretto that perfectly balances flavors. Pazzo Ristorante has great specials on drinks throughout the week – check out their website for more details!

2525 SW 3rd Ave
Miami, FL 33129