Peace -N- Hominy, Belmont NC | Merchant Profile

Peace -N- Hominy is a play on the words peace and harmony. Hominy is actually the corn that is used to make grits and fits the restaurantís southern BBQ theme. Drawing from the BBQ greats before them, Peace -N- Hominy uses a variety of techniques when cooking their BBQ while always adding their own little twist on every dish. What sets their BBQ apart from the rest is their commitment to sourcing all their ingredients locally. By doing this they receive much fresher ingredients while also supporting their local communities. Peace -N- Hominy has also taken the stand against Styrofoam because of its negative effect on the environment. It takes hundreds of years to biodegrade and is a major part of polluting our oceans and landfills.  Overall, Peace -N- Hominy is a casual neighborhood BBQ joint that serves authentic wood smoked BBQ in a charming and nostalgic location. They are environmentally conscious and care about what goes on each customerís plate. For a delicious, homemade meal make sure to stop by Peace -N- Hominy today!

403 E. Catawba St
Belmont, NC 28012