Pearl of the Ocean, Santa Cruz CA | Merchant Profile

Pearl of the Ocean is located at 736 Water Street in Santa Cruz. Ayoma Wilen is the award winning chef and owner. Since opening the restaurant in 2008, she was recognized as one of the best Chefs in America. The restaurant regularly wins a slew of awards from local and national publications. Growing up in Sri Lanka, Ayoma learned from her physician grandfather that food can heal. While working for a large corporation in Beverly Hills California, Ayoma realized there was nowhere she could get a healthy organic meal. Though Ayoma had no formal culinary training, she felt a passion for cooking. She took her mother’s recipes and was determined to open her own restaurant, a place where she could serve food cooked with love, great energy and great intention. All food in the restaurant is 100% organic, GMO free, and locally sourced from sustainable methods. The Sri Lankan recipes are available nowhere else in America. A popular appetizer is the Sri Lankan Coconut Roti: baked bread with coconut, bell pepper, and green onions, with butter garlic dip and green chile sambal. Ayoma recommends the all organic salads, including the Pearl Special Asparagus Salad with roasted cumin seed, sautÈed carrots and asparagus, with orange, cucumber, tomatoes, and onions, drizzled with a lime pepper dressing, and served warm. Another great salad is the Carrot Apple Orange Salad, with diced apple, cucumber, and orange, with grated carrot, and topped with a citrus dressing. Other Chef endorsed dishes include the award winning Triple Mushroom Curry, with grilled portobello, button, and shiitake mushrooms sautÈed in olive oil, and the Lamb Curry, with lamb cooked in an authentic roasted curry sauce. Ayoma has even painstakingly created her own wine, which pairs perfectly with her cuisine. If you are looking for a fantastic dining experience, available nowhere else in the country, stop in to Pearl of the Ocean. Ayoma and her warm and attentive staff will welcome you and ensure you have a great experience! 

736 Water St
Santa Cruz, CA 95060