Persis Biriyani Indian Grill – Conlan Cir., Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

Located in the Ballantyne Quad, Persis Biryani Grill has brought a flavorful Indian cuisine to the Charlotte area and continues to satisfy their returning customers. The owner, Sandeep, has successfully introduced his authentic Indian cuisine along with a welcoming atmosphere, and it has gained wide popularity because of this. A must visit while in the area, the restaurant makes customer service a top priority, and has fantastic food to match.  The cuisine is authentic style Indian and provides all of the classic dishes that people have come to know and love. Offering a lunch buffet everyday of the week, Persis offers a perfect opportunity to try all of their dishes. Popular items include the Chicken Tikka Masala, which is a roasted chicken served over a creamy tomato sauce. Another fan favorite, the Paneer Tikka Masala, is marinated with aromatic herb, with yogurt and spices roasted in a clay oven. Gaining well known success, Persis has put in a strong effort to provide food that satisfies and has taken no shortcuts in doing so. With outdoor seating, upon approaching the restaurant, the various smells and spices fill the air and lend a hint to the authentic Indian food that is waiting inside. With the lunch buffet that is offered all days of the week, Persis also offers catering to large parties and they also do so in a unique way. In order to please customers as much as possible, Persis cooks all of the food on sight no matter what the party is to ensure freshness and as a form of entertainment. At 14027 Conlan Circle, Persis Biryani Indian Grill is perfect for all meals throughout the day while visiting the South Charlotte area. With a large menu, the restaurant is sure to suit anyone’s taste and will do so in an authentic, and quality fashion. The cozy atmosphere is more than inviting and provides excellent, comforting food as well.

14027 Conlan Cir A-1
Charlotte, NC 28277