Pho Lucky, Detroit MI | Merchant Profile

Back in 2012, Cong could have never imagined that he would be the owner of five restaurants. Cong opened Pho Lucky three and a half years ago when he was already a busy accountant, real estate broker, and insurance agent! His wife didnít want him to start another venture – she already didnít see him enough. Cong knew he could do it, even if he had no idea how to cook. As soon as she saw the sign for Pho Lucky and saw that Cong named the restaurant after their son Luc, she was on board. Cong worked in restaurants when he was younger, washing dishes and waiting tables. He knew all about the service side, but even three weeks before he opened Pho Lucky he didn’t have a cook! Cong was not worried though; he explained that pho is so traditional like a hamburger is to Americans – everyone knows how to make it, good or not is another story. The menu at Pho Lucky is very limited, they only really have three items for the main course, but they do what they do and they do it well. Since the first day they opened, they had a line out their door! To improve upon what they were doing, one day Cong offered all his clients to eat for free, but give their feedback. Cong received many tips and input from his customers, and they adjusted their recipe to create a pho that everyone loves. Customers rave about the Fresh Rolls and the Soup. The Fresh Rolls appetizer is gluten free, steamed rice noodles, steamed vegetable, steamed shrimp, and pork served with a delicious secret recipe peanut sauce. You can order them vegetarian as well! The famous Soup takes about eleven hours to make, start to finish! The Soup simmers for between eight to ten hours, and during that time, different herbs are added for a specific amount of time in a specific order. ìIt has to be perfectly timed to be not too strong with the certain spice,î Cong explained. One person makes the Soup for all five restaurants to ensure it is consistent!Visit any of the Pho Lucky locations to have a quick, delicious, affordable meal!

3111 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48201