Pho Pasteur, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Pho Pasteur is an authentic Vietnamese eatery located inside the Lion Plaza food court. It is owned and operated by Peter Lai and his wife and it is the very first restaurant they have opened together. They focus on creating high quality food and providing excellent customer service that always has guests coming back for more. Both Peter and his wife built up Pho Pasteur from scratch and now focus on creating delicious dishes for their customers. One of the most popular dishes is the Pho Dac Biet that is a combination pho that contains a variety of different meats and proteins. What sets them apart from other pho restaurants is their attention to detail and authenticity. Their soup broth is very rich and flavorful, which they create using multiple meat bones in order to infuse the broth with potent flavor. The Filet Mignon & Ox Tail pho is another fan favorite because the meat is so soft and tender. Finally, the Bun Riew Cua Dong rounds out the most popular dishes, which Peterís wife and mother came up with being a very authentic Vietnamese recipe. Everything at Pho Pasteur is created using high quality, fresh ingredients that elevate the food from being plain and boring to flavorful and rich. In addition to their food, Pho Pasteur also offers a great variety of beverages. Their have soft drinks and offer authentic Vietnamese drinks as well like soymilk and chrysanthemum tea. The staff is very friendly and personable taking the time to get to know their customers so on their next visit they will be recognized and greeted warmly. Customer service is a very important part of their restaurant so they hope to send everyone home happy and satisfied. The next time youíre in the area be sure to give Pho Pasteur a try for a meal and experience you wonít forget!

1818 Tully Rd
San Jose, CA 95122