Pho Real, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

Lian Gabriel wanted to open a restaurant ever since she was a little girl. On her first day of orientation at UNC Charlotte, Lian met Mimi Vu, not knowing at the time they would eventually become successful business partners. Studying management with a focus in entrepreneurship, Lianís classes required her to develop a business plan, which she turned into an actual restaurant just months after graduating. In November of 2005, Pho Real was brought to life, and has been delighting its customers with delicious Vietnamese cuisine ever since. Pho Real opens at 11 am and serves a truly diverse crowd. Their lunch box specials are hugely popular – for $5.95 you can get a rice dish with two different grilled meats, stir fry or fried rice. Itís a steal! Pho Realís ëPhoí, a type of Vietnamese soup, is their most sought after menu item. The ëBroken Riceí is also a customer favorite – three different grilled meats served with a traditional vinaigrette sauce to dip in and a small bowl of chicken broth soup, so you can get a little bit of everything. Pho Real just started offering a healthier version of their soups with cauliflower rice and fresh zucchini noodles. You donít see this offered often at restaurants! Pho Real provides plenty of mouthwatering drink options, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. With a full bar, you are sure to find something you like. Try the delicious ëPassion Mojitoí or ëGreen Tea Martinií. On Thursday nights, you can get a bottle of sake for just $5! On the other side of the drink spectrum, order a bubble tea. Kind of like a smoothie with tapioca balls on the bottom, Pho Realís bubble teas are made with lots of fresh fruits, including durian, lychee and jackfruit, not just powders and syrups that are so commonly used. With made-to-order entrees and plenty of vegetarian options, there is something at Pho Real for everyone!

440 E. McCullough Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28262