Pho Tick Tock, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Pho Tick Tock is unlike any Vietnamese experience you have had before. The owners Jacinda D. and De N. explained since they have such a different background than most restaurant owners, they had to make their restaurant different than any other. Jacinda is a chemist and De is a custom home designer. They both love to eat, and Jacinda always had a dream of opening her own restaurant. Jacinda and De always get together for holidays, and one Thanksgiving Jacinda was running late because she was still at the store. De came up with the perfect restaurant name for her – Pho Tick Tock! He designed the logo and made her sign that when she opened the restaurant and used the name, he would get to eat free for the rest of his life. Jacinda decided that they should just open the restaurant together!De explained that he sees people work really hard to get more time to spend with their family and friends to have a good time. Everyone wants extra quality time with their loved ones to laugh, eat great food and enjoy life. Pho Tick Tock is a great place to spend that time.Jacinda and De found the perfect location in January 2015 and opened a few months later. They are constantly thinking of different things they can do – each time you come in there will be something new, whether it is the decor or a menu item. They have changed the wall color three times already! Pho Tick Tock has a beautiful, modern, clean environment. Their signature dish, ëPho Tick Tockí, is served completely divergent than any other restaurant. The pho broth is served in a Korean stone bowl that is heated in a 500-degree oven. When it is served, the broth is somewhat boiling and stays warm the entire time you eat it. Besides the broth, all of the other ingredients are displayed nicely in front of you, so you can see that everything is completely fresh and well prepared. The ëBun Bo Hueí, ëShrimp Tick Tockí, and ëThit Cuu Nuongí are also all customer favorites. The ëThit Cuu Nuongí, grilled lamb chops with garlic noodles, is actually served on a chemistry lab ring stand and ties in Jacindaís background. Talk about cool presentation! Pho Tick Tock is a great place for anyone wants to enjoy great food and drink in a comfortable, unpretentious environment. Their customers really love what Jacinda and De created. At Pho Tick Tock, you will find a completely unique pho experience. A Korean hot bowl, Chinese hot-pot style presentation, upscale Vietnamese food, served with a nice glass of wine from the western world. Time stands still at Pho Tick Tock, so be sure to make time for the special experience.

399 N Capitol Ave
San Jose, CA 95133