Pho To Thi #1, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Pho To Thi #1 is a located in San Jose, California and is a traditional Vietnamese restaurant. The owner is Cuc Nguyen and she has been in the restaurant business all of her life. She prides herself on the fact that Pho To Thi #1 has traditional cuisine and brings the flavors of Vietnam to the US.The Beef Noodle Soup, Chicken Soup, and Vietnamese Taco are the most popular dishes ordered. These dishes are classic Vietnamese dishes and give the customer a true sense of Vietnamese flavor. Also, many people enjoy the ìChin, Gau, Gan.î This is well-done brisket, fatty brisket and soft tendon. Aside from food items, Pho To Thi #1 has many drink options, including a special Vietnamese coffee. They also have a wide range of alcoholic beverages.  Also, the Taro smoothie with pearls, fresh spring rolls and short egg rolls is a winning combination that many customers love. Pho To This #1 is family run and family oriented. Many of the recipes used in the restaurant are from Nguyenís mom and other family membersí recipes. This makes each dish special in its own unique way and makes for a special dining experience when at Pho To Thi #1.

5499 Snell Ave
San Jose, CA 95123