Pho Vinh, Farmington Hills MI | Merchant Profile

If youíre in Farmington Hills, Michigan and looking for delicious Vietnamese cuisine, be sure to stop by Pho Vinh! The restaurant opened in August of 2016 and features some of the only authentic Vietnamese food in the area! Pho Vinh is family owned and operated by Raymond, his wife, and her parents who have years of experience in the restaurant industry. So far the restaurant has received rave reviews and has gained a stellar reputation within the community.Everything at Pho Vinh is handcrafted using the freshest and finest ingredients. The menu has an eclectic array of Vietnamese dishes to choose from including appetizers, soup, rice plates, and more! The restaurantís specialty is the traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup, Pho. The Pho is made with a beef bone broth that takes seven to eight hours to perfect using a secret family recipe in order to get all of the flavor and juices out of the bones. It is then finished with your choice of beef, shrimp seafood, chicken, or vegetables and served with a side of bean sprouts and basil for garnish. Other favorites from the menu include Stir Fried Shrimp & Broccoli over steamed rice, Grilled Pork Vermicelli Bowl, and Vietnamese Chicken Curry. All in all, Pho Vinh is the perfect place to enjoy a high quality meal with family and friends. The atmosphere is warm and inviting with a friendly, attentive, and hardworking staff. Raymond and the rest of the staff at Pho Vinh work hard to send home each customer happy, full, and satisfied. The next time youíre craving authentic Vietnamese cuisine make sure to stop by Pho Vinh for a meal and experience you wonít forget!

27861 Orchard Lake Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48334