Phoebe’s B-B-Q, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Taking authentic Oklahoma barbecue and putting it to the forefront, Phoebeís BBQ hits the nail on the head when it comes to quality and consistency. Owner Stas Botsaris holds his menu items to a higher standard and the the authenticity is prevalent throughout Phoebeís from top to bottom. He took on the reigns of his current endeavor in 2003, and his longstanding success can attest to the efforts he puts forth with this concept. All of the meats are smoked to perfection and the various options paired with affordability separate Phoebeís BBQ, making it the best you can possibly find in the area.  All of the meats are smoked in front of the guests, providing a genuine and consistent experience time after time. The transparency shows the honest nature in which Stas runs his restaurant, and his efforts are nothing short of remarkable. The Ribs are an obvious choice to indulge in, crafted with their house made dry rub and served in a hearty portion. The Mac & Cheese is reason enough to stop in, the famous side dish has people flocking far and wide to get their hands on it. The Pulled Pork is widely notorious, and is by far their top dish, making it a must try while visiting Phoebeís. The restaurant also offers a two meat combo for customers to try various meats instead of just one.The honest efforts that are put forth are impressive, and the team at Phoebeís BBQ bring everything full circle. The food comes in high regard from top to bottom, not one option sacrifices in flavor by any means. The location  also provides in and out of house catering if the is preferred. Stopping by not only ensures a quality experience but a memorable one as well, making it a perfect dining option for any outing.

2214 south street
Philadelphia, PA 19146