Phomi2go, North Miami FL | Merchant Profile

A hidden gem in North Miami, Phomi2go has brought a breath of fresh air, compiling the best Vietnamese dishes and elevating them to a higher level. Owners Derek Cheung and Christine Ta met in Derek’s parentís restaurant and have been together ever since. Taking this endeavor head on together, Christineís Vietnamese background has inspired the concept as a whole, and Derekís vast knowledge of the culinary industry has set the duo up for success. Heralding from Hong Kong, Derek came to the states in 1985 and has comfortably set his niche here since. Having only been around for a few months, Phomi2go has already seen widespread success and delivers the best authentic Vietnamese dishes in the area. The ingredients are sourced locally, ensuring the customer the freshest and most consistent dishes with each visit. Encapsulating Vietnamese street food to the utmost authenticity, Derek and Christine have brought a delicacy that the area simply hasn’t seen before. The dishes are top notch and they provide rich, flavorful options that will adhere to anyoneís taste. Everything is made in house, and the down home meals provide a perfect dish for any situation. The Pho-Noodle-Soup is an obvious choice that drives the menu to its highest potential, and the vast options provide an incredible selection each time. Guests can choose from Beef Brisket, Meatball, Rare Steak, a combination of beefs, or Vegetable. The options donít end there, the restaurant also provides customers with classic options that will stimulate the palate, with the rich, flavorful ingredients. The Bahn Mi, otherwise known as Vietnamese Sandwiches, provides options like Shredded Chicken, Steamed Pork Roll, Pate, BBQ Pork, or a combination. The Veggie options are also great and do not sacrifice in flavor by any means, and the Green Lemongrass options also hit the nail on the head. The ingredients really go the extra step, everything is made from scratch and the willingness of the team at Phomi2go to take care of their customers is nothing short of spectacular. Located at 17010 West Dixie Highway, stopping in not only guarantees a memorable experience, but a quality, satisfying one as well.

17010 W. Dixie Hwy.
North Miami, FL 33160