Picos Tacos and Cerveza, Racine WI | Merchant Profile

Picoís Tacos and Cerveza is a brand new restaurant to the Racine area and canít wait to seat you! In the mood for West Coast, Southwest Mexican style cuisine? Picoís is the perfect place to venture to. The comfortable and family friendly atmosphere will instantly warm and welcome you.Angela Espinoza and her husband, Chef Carlos, experienced restauranteurs, recently opened their doors to the public and canít wait for you to try their delectable dishes. Having had experience in previous restaurants, the husband and wife dynamic duo is proud of their unique menu, featuring traditional Mexican meals with their own signature twists. Are you looking for a palate cleansing appetizer to begin your meal? A must try at Picoís Tacos and Cerveza is the ceviche. Crab and shrimp are marinated and cooked in the acidic broth of lime juice, vinegar, and tomato – creating a thick, yet refreshing sauce packed with flavor. The ceviche is then topped with avocado and served with tortilla chips to scoop up all of its deliciousness. For an entree, Angela suggests you try the ëCalifornia Burrito.í This steak burrito is traditionally made, but dressed slightly different with black beans, pico de gallo, and french fries on the side.The ëQuesadillas Fritasí is another signature dish that is absolutely worth a try. Chef Carlos uses homemade masa to make the quesadillas that are then stuffed with meat and cheese. The quesadillas are then topped with sour cream and come with a housemade salsa on the side. Beer and wine are available on the menu as well to pair with your meal. Come on in and experience the newest restaurant addition to Racine – Picoís Tacos and Cerveza.

550 3 Mile Rd
Racine, WI 53402