Pier 98 Sushi Bar & Grill, Newark CA | Merchant Profile

Bill Huang opened Pier 98 Sushi Bar & Grill in 2015, and the restaurant was quickly recognized as one of the best sushi restaurants in Newark. Bill has been in the industry for over 20 years and knows just about everything a person can know about sushi. Bill is knowledgeable about the history, the whys behind the ingredients, the nutritional values, and even how to pair wine with fish. Pier 98 Sushi Bar & Grill is one of the largest sushi restaurants in the area. Able to accommodate 120 people, Pier 98 will often host parties and have a full house over the weekend. The big oval sushi bar attracts many visitors, as well as private and semi private booths. The Uni Fried Rice, a type of combination fried rice, is a highly popular dish. Vicky, Billís right-hand lady at the restaurant, explained that uni is a colorful, high-quality sea urchin that melts in your mouth. The Sashimi from Japan is also a customer favorite. Fresh fish is flown in weekly from Japan, and is cut however it is ordered. They even use the fish bones to make a delicious broth, so they can make two dishes out of one fish!Pier 98 Sushi Bar & Grill serves a variety of drinks, including beer, wine, sake, soju cocktails, and Japanese sodas. They make one of the best Lychee Martinis around! Everyone in your party is sure to find something they enjoy at Pier 98. The menu is over ten pages long, and they have many selections from appetizers to entrees. Donít forget to try the Weekly Special – Work of Art by Bill!To Bill, he is just not making sushi – he is making art. ìThe way he assembles the sushi, it is so beautiful, it really is an art,î Vicky stated. Pier 98 Sushi Bar & Grill is very focused on high-quality food, visual presentation, and great customer service. Head there today to experience for yourself a great night out at a wonderful Japanese restaurant.

6225 Jarvis Ave
Newark, CA 94560