Pint Central, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

Brothers Carlos and Mario Flynn talked about owning their own restaurant for years. Chef Mario was tired of working for restaurant owners that cared more about the money than the actual product – improving ingredients were always a hassle. One day, after a couple beers, Carlos and Mario decided that it was time to take action. It took them a year to find a location, another year to plan and get approved by the city and another year for construction. After three years of hard work, they opened the doors to Pint Central in February of 2014. The menu at Pint Central is a combination of all the best food and flavors. Carlos explained that it is a culmination of dishes Mario perfected over the years along with staff creations that tasted out of this world. Carlos, being less experienced in the restaurant business, is not afraid of hiring people that know more about the industry than him. Carlos believes he is an expert in finding the best people with great experience, and then knowing how to manage him. Pint Central strives to be a bar without bar food. People want to have good drinks and good food without dressing up all the time. ìSometimes you just want to be in your sweatpants and eat calamari and lamb lollipops,î explains Carlos. Pint Central offers a relaxing environment without compromising quality.At Pint Central, you will find delicacies from ëChimichurri Beef Tipsí to the ëBreakfast Burgerí. The ëAvocado Friesí are one of the most popular appetizers that go perfect with beer and are vegetarian-friendly. There are many Argentinian, American and European influenced entrees and tapas.Pint Central offers 34 beers on draft and over 40 bottled beers – mostly local and craft beers. Carlos urges people to step out of their comfort zone and try beers they havenít before. The cocktails are also a hit; one of the best cocktail programs in the neighborhood. Henry Schmulling creates Pint Centralís entire cocktail menu and performs a true artform. You just have to come into Pint Central and experience it for yourself.

1226 Central Ave
Charlotte, NC 28204