Pisces Sushi Bar & Lounge, Charlotte NC | Merchant Profile

Pisces Sushi Bar & Lounge has been bringing fine Japanese cuisine to Charlotte since 2010. Brian, the owner, had a firm belief that Charlotte needed a great sushi experience, so he jumped on the opportunity to fill the gap. After bartending during college, Brian and a partner decided to make it their goal to offer Charlotte the best of the best in Japanese cuisine, and that is exactly what theyíve done.The fresh ingredients in the sushi dishes at Pisces are straight from the fish market in Japan. Now thatís authentic! Some of the favorites include the variety of exotic fish that are not typically found at sushi restaurants in the area. Plus, the restaurant offers great lunch deals and a sushi bar that is a big hit with diners. Last but not least, Piscesí staff bring their uniquely fun and exciting personalities to the service they provide, which creates a memorable experience for diners.For travelers, Pisces is a great find for a truly authentic sushi experience in the Charlotte area. The food is delicious, the ingredients are fresh, and the menu is dynamic and flexible. The talented chefs have skills that cater to open requests, which guarantees that diners are truly satisfied with their meal.

1100 Metropolitan Ave
Charlotte, NC 28204