Pizzeria Scotty, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

Travis Puschnig started working at the first pizzeria in Wisconsin when he was just thirteen years old. It took Travis only about a year to find out that pizza was exactly what he wanted to do with his life. After about five years, Travis started working at a Rosatiís. Travis was there when Rosatiís was changed to Pizzeria Scotty in 2006. When Travis was twenty-five years old, he purchased Pizzeria Scotty. He loves the fast-paced working environment, excitement and rush of owning a pizzeria.Customers go crazy for the ëDeep Fried Garlic Breadsticksí; strips of pizza dough deep fried and basted with garlic, romano and butter served with marinara sauce. They are the perfect addictive texture of chewy and crunchy – you just have to taste the piece of heaven for yourself. The ëBig Cheese Sandwichí comes highly recommended; a six-inch French loaf topped with a third pound of thinly sliced juicy beef and mozzarella cheese. A pizza connoisseur would be interested in the ‘Scotty Extreme’ pizza, topped with eleven different toppings that all compliment each other.Travis puts a lot of emphasis customer service. At Pizzeria Scotty it is very important for a customer to be able to hear a smile over the phone. The first year Travis took over, Pizzeria Scotty won the Blue Ribbon Award for customer service satisfaction and cleanliness. Just three minutes off 894, head to Pizzeria Scotty to taste over thirty years of pizza history.

9809 W Oklahoma Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53227