Plato’s Place, Garden City MI | Merchant Profile

Platoís Place has been family-owned since itís opening in 1969. The original Platoís Place is located in Garden City, Michigan, but has expanded to a second location Platoís Coney Island in Canton, Michigan about 20 years ago. Platoís was first founded by current owner Billyís father Jimmy and his uncle Andy. Jimmy first moved from Greece to Michigan in 1967 to search for better opportunities. He first started by working in Lafayette, Michigan and then moved to Garden City where he and Andy opened Platoís Place. Since then Jimmy has retired allowing his son Billy to become partners with Andy in owning Platoís Place. Platoís Place is a traditional Greek restaurant that offers authentic Greek salads, gyros, and something thatís unique to the area, Coney Island chilidogs. Everything is made fresh, never frozen, even their French fries, which they peel, cut, and fry themselves. The community is also a big part of Platoís Place with locals and regulars making up 90% of their customers. Platoís has a very homey atmosphere with a warm and welcoming staff. Platoís Place likes to thank their loyal customers and community by participating in many different fundraisers for local organizations and schools that help to support Garden City. Jimmy and Andy worked extremely hard to make Platoís Place the success it is today and now Billy is doing the same. So if you’re looking for a friendly and family-driven environment to grab a bite to eat at, try Platoís Place because their food and service surely wonít disappoint! 

30090 Ford Rd
Garden City, MI 48135