PM BBQ, Chesterfield MO | Merchant Profile

Local mom and pop, made fresh dailyÖthose are some phrases that come to mind when we think about our BBQ restaurant in Chesterfield, MO. PM BBQ came from humble and lucky beginnings. Paul, the ëPí, and Mark, the ëM,í got their start at the Wildwood Farmersí Market in 2009. Both Paul and Mark had been amateur meat smokers for friends and family when they were offered a booth to sell their pulled pork and baby back ribs. At the end of that first summer there was a restaurant opportunity and they decided to give it a try. We wanted all of our dry rubbed, smoked meat, and family recipe side dishes to be made fresh daily in our kitchen. We knew we were on to something when the lines went out the door!

103 Chesterfield Towne Ctr
Chesterfield, MO 63005