Points East Pub, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

Gaining national recognition for the past twenty years, Points East Pub has rightfully earned their niche as a cornerstone of the Milwaukee area. The owner Lori Hasset has fueled the restaurant with her vast culinary knowledge having driven Points East Pub kitchen for such a long time. The wings elevate the culinary powerhouse taking the whole experience the the next level and separates Points East Pub from the competition. Her family has been in the industry for forty years, shaping her to be the restaurateur that she is today, and her knowledge from top to bottom is nothing short of impressive. Her brother Mark really takes the concept to new heights providing a genuine knowledge of the culinary aspect that drives Points East Pub. The family aspect brings the experience to the forefront of options while dining in Milwaukee, and the down home vibe brings everything full circle. Producing eight thousand pounds of wings per month can attest to the popularity of the cuisine and the vast amount of awards speak volumes on the quality that the restaurant has been able to produce. The business should be taken into consideration for all the right reasons, although the wait time might be a little longer than expected, the quality is top notch.The restaurant has garnered awards for a vast amount of categories and their efforts certainly haven’t gone unnoticed. More recently, they have won Milwaukee√≠s Best Signature Bar Food 2016. The restaurant has also won the title of Best Wings in America by the Shil-Shul Diaries. Quite frankly, Points East Pub is an obvious must, and stopping in is a guarantee to provide a more than memorable experience. The food speaks for itself and the family oriented concept brings everything full circle. Located just five minutes north of downtown Milwaukee, the restaurant is an obvious choice while visiting the area.

1501 N. Jackson St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202