Pomperdale New York Deli, Fort Lauderdale FL | Merchant Profile

Rick Bruskin who began his career in the food industry in the meat business, finally decided it wasn’t his vision anymore. He found Pomperdale Deli, bought the restaurant, then brought his daughter Bri into the business with him with the end goal of providing her a thriving business to run. Trying to gain a younger audience, they began a campaign of explaining and showing people what the meats are, how they’re made, and how they taste.Having been around for the past forty-seven years, Pomperdale New York Deli has taken something that was once exclusive to the upper east coast, and brought it straight to Fort Lauderdale. Seeing a need for it in the area, the owners Rick and Bri Bruskin stole the hearts of locals, providing a fare that simply cannot be found anywhere else. The genuine nature of the location paired with the top notch down home cuisine is nothing short of impressive, making Pomperdale a must while in the Fort Lauderdale area. Taking a piece of New York with them, the staff at Pomperdale hits the spot and by no means is a replication of true New York, but is simply as authentic as it comes.The hearty portions prove the style and quality assurance that is aimed towards customers indulging in the wide array of menu options. The restaurant handpicks USDA only choice meats, and they take no shortcuts in the preparation of each of their dishes. From top to bottom the Deli does everything that one would expect at a heightened level, no matter the situation. The Rare Roast Beef Sandwich is a top choice, packed to the brim with their freshly sliced meats that are rich and flavorful. Another classic option worth trying, is the Hot Brisket or Beef Sandwich as well as the Philly Cheese Steak, all made fresh to order.It wouldn’t be a true New York Deli if they did not provide the option to buy in bulk to enjoy the fantastic options at home. The fish is of the utmost quality, and Rick takes the extra step in providing his customers with dishes that they can trust and have confidence in receiving the best possible options. They hand slice all of their own fish in true European fashion, and they even have their own personal jobber to hand select all of the Smoked Fish they have to offer. It is no question why Pomperdale New York Deli has garnered such widespread success with their consistency and quality, making them a must while visiting the Fort Lauderdale area.

3055 E Commercial Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308