Pork Belly Cafe, Nashville TN | Merchant Profile

Bringing the real deal to Nashville, Pork Belly Cafe supplies the best of the best when it comes to quality, fresh foods, at an affordable price. Owners Kristian Morgan and Chris Chwirut have been successful in the industry from top to bottom and their culinary expertise certainly shows with the full fledged experience they have to offer. Kristian and Chris have a genuine passion for food and what they bring to the table is nothing short of impressive. The environment is warm, welcoming, and pair that with the food, and it is exactly what Pork Belly Cafe aims to encompass. The restaurant has been around for almost a year and the widespread buzz they have earned can attest to the various sandwiches, salads, and plates people constantly return for. The ingredients are fresh, ensuring the utmost quality for each of their customers. A classic item, the BLT, is crafted with Bacon, Arugula, Tomato, and Garlic Aioli on Foccacia. Another sandwich worth trying, the Chicken and Mozzarella, is served as a Bruschetta Mix with a Pesto Aioli on Foccacia. Pork Belly Cafe takes well known classics and elevates them to new heights, putting a gourmet experience at a higher priority. Kristian and Chris don’t cut corners, and their signature menu items are where they really shine the most. The Max, created by none other than Kristianís son, is made with Chicken Salad, Bacon, Provolone, with Pickled Red Onions on Sourdough. This hearty sandwich is top notch and hits the nail on the head with the combination of flavors presented. It is award winning for all the right reasons, and is reason enough to stop in and grab a bite to eat. The restaurant also offers salads as healthier alternatives that do not sacrifice flavor whatsoever. The restaurant simply has something for everyone and the staff prides themselves on pairing that with a welcoming environment. The family oriented experience brings it full circle whether guests are stopping to dine in or just swinging by for a quick bite to eat. The restaurant offers craft beer and on Tuesdayís offers two dollar bottles or the option to build your own six pack for ten dollars. No matter the situation, Pork Belly Cafe adheres to everyone’s needs and has something for everyoneís taste. They cater and deliver if that is preferred, and are sure to provide a memorable and satisfying experience.

7009 Lenox Village Dr.
Nashville, TN 37211