Primanti Brothers, York PA | Merchant Profile

Bringing historic Pittsburgh to the forefront, the Primanti Brothers name rings bells for locals, a household icon that has provided a quality and genuine experience time after time. Starting in 1933 as a sandwich cart, the restaurant cares a vast history, beginning as a simple means to feed truck drivers and dock workers. After the storefront opened, the story goes that a truck driver asked the location to cut into his potatoes and see if they were able to sell because he was afraid that they had froze. They were thrown on the grill and once they were cooked he had to get back to work so he requested they would be thrown on his sandwich. From then on out, the Primanti Brothers took on a life of its own and the signature style became widely notorious ever since. Since then, locations have sprouted around the country, this one residing in York, Pennsylvania, and staying in true hometown fashion. Run by Jason Grimaldi, he and his team showcase the authentic Primanti style, having worked in the company for quite sometime, inherently providing the authentic service in the most genuine fashion. The unique sandwiches are crafted with inch thick Italian Bread, they then pile on the choice of Meat, Melted Provolone, their house made Tangy Coleslaw, Hand Cut Seasoned Fries, and Tomatoes. Once created, the sandwich stands at a tall five inches and served in a healthy portion, ensuring the utmost satisfaction time after time. The experience at Primanti brothers is nothing short of genuine, providing a welcoming atmosphere paired with down home delicious meals. The restaurant is also known for their Wings as well as their Pizza, traditional and made from scratch with the finest ingredients. The homemade sauce and whole milk mozzarella bring everything full circle, and the ability to craft your own makes the options endless. The location has happy hour almost everyday, on Monday through friday from 5:00 P.M.-7:00 P.M. and on Friday and Saturday from 9:00 P.M.-11:00 P.M. No matter the occurrence, stopping in Primanti brothers ensures a quality, historic, Pittsburgh experience and is sure to provide a satisfying meal.

2151 S. Queen St.
York, PA 17402