Prince Umbertos, Franklin Square NY | Merchant Profile

Carrying a vast history that dates back forty years, Prince Umberto’s has secured its niche as one of the top spots to visit in the Franklin Square area, taking Italian cuisine to the next level. Owners and sisters Maria and Pina Caliendo have inherited the culinary powerhouse, and have used their longstanding experience to fuel the highly regarded Prince Umbertoís. Having it passed down by their father, they took on this endeavor with full force and have done so flawlessly. The authenticity is of the utmost importance and the sisters achieve that from top to bottom, having lived in Italy for eighteen years. The amount of time the business has been here can attest to the quality and consistency Prince Umbertoís has been able to achieve, making it the best of the best. Everything in the kitchen is made from scratch, ensuring a genuine and trustworthy Italian experience time after time. The sisters take every step in being as meticulous as possible, holding each menu option to a higher standard. Everything from top to bottom is nothing short of impressive, the dishes encompass the heart of Italy and do so in a genuine manner. Of the pizza options the specialties worth giving a try are the Napoletana Round, and Sicilian Square. The pasta dishes are also worth trying, paired with their signature sauces, give a rich and flavorful taste time after time. No matter the occurrence, stopping in promises a memorable experience paired with the best Italian in the area. To bring everything full circle, Maria and Pina provide their notorious sauces in a limited amount for sale. Of the four different options, the opportunity to bring a little piece of Italy home is hard to pass up on, and really shows the true effort the sisters put on the table to please their customers in every way possible. The sauce is made in house and jarred themselves, taking the authenticity to the next level. Simply put, Prince Umbertoís is a must, and stopping in will satisfy each and every time.

721 Franklin Ave.
Franklin Square, NY 11010