Puritan Backroom, Manchester NH | Merchant Profile

Dating back almost one hundred years, Puritan Backroom has become a cornerstone of the Manchester area, a household name that resonates with all locals in the community. Having gone through four generations, the restaurant holds a vast amount of history with Chris Pappas now manning the culinary powerhouse, and doing so seamlessly. Starting off as a homemade ice cream and candy shop almost a century ago,  The Puritan has taken on a life of its own becoming a full service restaurant that has people coming far and wide to indulge in the various dishes that make it so popular. The full scale restaurant otherwise known as The Backroom, began in the seventies and took the Puritan to new heights with their homemade, fresh dishes. The Backroom prioritizes service and a family oriented experience, and pairing that with their food, it becomes hard to pass up. A popular item that has people returning time after time is their homemade Chicken Tenders. Chrisí grandfather came up with the marinade and the sauce when The Backroom first opened, and they have been a smash hit ever since. The restaurant also sports fresh seafood, ensuring the utmost quality for each of their customers. The location also has adopted a Greek influence through the years, offering a fusion of options like the Barbecue Lamb and the Spinach Pizza to name a few. Still staying true to their roots, The Puritan still crafts their own Ice Cream, separating themselves from any competition in the area. The delicious dessert has a several different options, offering fifty different flavors to choose from. The Mud Slides are also a signature option, a frozen treat infused with Baileyís Khalua, and are reason enough to stop in and give Puritan Backroom a try. The restaurant also offers daily dinner and lunch specials for customers to indulge in. Located at 245 Hookset Rd., stopping in is sure to provide a memorable and satisfying experience for each guest.

245 Hookset Rd.
Manchester, NH 03104